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Help & Info about WineBottler for mac

  • What is WineBottler for Mac?

    WineBottler is special software that makes it possible for people who are moving from a Windows operating system to Mac to open all of their favourite Windows apps on their Mac machine. These apps are ‘bottled’ as Mac apps so that they run smoothly and effortlessly on any type of Mac.
  • Is WineBottler for Mac Free?

    The WineBottler software is available free of charge to all Mac users. Simply visit the company’s website or another site offering a free download of the software and click on the link to install and run the software free of charge and without limitations.
  • Can I Use WineBottler for Mac to Install Two Programmes into the Same App?

    This can be done easily and quickly with WineBottler. Users need to head to the advanced tab and click to create a new app and then install Java.
  • How Can I Reset WineBottler for Mac?

    This can be done at any time by removing the desired ,plist files using Terminal. Open the Finder to select and remove the files and when Go to Folder is opened the files should no longer be present in the list of files and apps.
  • How Can I Remove WineBottler for Mac?

    The software can be done in just a couple of clicks of the mouse by locating the icon for the software and dragging it into the trash bin. Next, click to delete the contents of the trash bin and all traces of the software will be deleted almost instantly with no further actions required.
  • Can I Access Files from Inside a WineBottler for Mac App?

    The software runs in default in sandboxed mode for security reasons. This means that all files that need to be accessed on a Mac should be accessed through the Z drive from the inside of the WineBottler app.
  • Can I Remove a Programme I Made Using WineBottler for Mac?

    Programmes created using WineBottler can be removed very easily by switching to the On my Mac tab and removing the desired programmes. Users should take care to also remove the working copy of those programmes as well as all related files created that were for them by OS.
  • What are the Benefits of WineBottler for Mac?

    WineBottler includes a large number of different types of Windows apps that can be installed very easily. This is a real boon for web developers as this allows them to run Internet Explorer as well as other browsers in order to test websites while gamers will also have access to more apps than ever before.
  • Where Are Apps Installed with WineBottler for Mac Stored?

    Once users have installed a windows app using WineBottler they need to head to the On My Mac area of the software. All of the apps will be stored in this area and once the desired app has been located it can be launched by clicking on it so that it then appears in the Dock.
  • Can I Add new Items to a WineBottler for Mac App?

    Users of WineBottler can install additional items to the prefix of an existing app any time they choose. However, this will only alter the prefix rather than the app itself and any additions will be lost if the app is moved or modified.


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